New logo is the start of many new changes…

September 6, 2014

It has been entirely too long since I posted anything at all on the Confreaks blog.

As you’ve noticed we’ve changed our logo and icon from the previous “mic” to our new “talking head”.


our previous “mic” icon

Although this mic has served us well, it has been in use since we started Confreaks in 2007 and it is time for a change.


the new “talking head” icon

Our new “talking head” icon gives us a lot more options for communicating the Confreaks brand, we’ll be rolling some stickers for the first time at Ruby Conf 2014 in San Diego, and may even have a few t-shirts around, if you’re willing to tell the world (view a video of course) how Confreaks has impacted your life as a developer.

I’ll update the header of the blog as soon as I dig back into my wordpress template and recall how exactly to make that happen!

As for other changes we’ll be doing our first recording with a new 4K camera in the near future, don’t expect to see  us releasing 4k video just yet, we need to figure out our revised workflow and decide how best to utilize this new capability, but look forward to some changes and/or additional options in 2014.

Another feature we’ve started to provide is a photo story – see for our first one, let’s know what you think.

Thanks again for your many views, compliments, and input over the years!


Posted Video Quality

May 17, 2013

We’ve been having a new issue with some of our post production videos (or it was some during processing LA Ruby Conf) where a little bit of pixelation crept in here and there in the video.

For the Ruby on Ales videos the posted videos where of unusable quality once uploaded, they look great locally.  So we are researching the cause.  In the mean time we have taking all of the ROA videos off line.

I believe we are on track for a solution here, we have published Brian Cardarella’s talk from RailsConf 2013 via YouTube only at the moment, and watch it from beginning to end before and after it’s uploaded.  So it looks good, please provide feedback on youtube if you see issues in the quality of the video and note the time where you first noticed.

Sorry for this fail, we are diligently working through, and will do a write up once we’ve gotten through to help others who may hit similar issues with their videos.



View Counts

April 5, 2013

If you look at the Home Page of the site, you’ll notice that the top videos based on views have been reset.

This is a temporary fix to a database issue that came up earlier this week.  We are currently recording events in Salt Lake City – Mountain West Ruby Conference, and Kansas City, MO – Ruby MidWest.  We’ll address the view count issue in the future, for now we have a backup of the history data prior to 4/3 and are now collecting fresh data for 4/4 and beyond.  We’ll merge this data eventually.


-Coby – this site may be compromised

November 3, 2012

So I have received a lot of tweets and emails about this particular topic.

When you search for confreaks on it returns the listing below.

WTF? – people say…

In the first few years of operations we used to publish static web-sites for each conference that we recorded.  In 2010 I created a rails based application to start hosting dynamic content instead of static pages that were previously generated by ruby code.    Those static sites were hosted on Dreamhost and are very basic, and once launched haven’t really received a second thought, until I started getting these messages.  It turns out someone somewhere had hacked into our hosting of these static sites and implanted there own content, often in a folder under lib or under images they’d add a PHP based application that served content for gucci hand bags and other presumably counterfeit items.  I have since gone through all of these static sites and removed the content, and am in the process of moving all of the videos from the static site to our more controlled and curated dynamic application.  Once this is done those sites will be simple redirects.

I’m working through the google instructions and webmaster tools now in an effort to get the warning removed.

Thanks for your patience and your notifications.

Fell off the blog wagon

August 22, 2012

Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated the Confreaks blog and there have been a lot of exciting changes.

In July Cindy Denison joined Confreaks as our first full-time employee.  Up to this point it has been a part time, boot-strapped, labor of love.  There is still a lot of love for the Ruby community and open source software in general, but the demand on my time simply got too great.  This was starting to impact the speed at which videos were being released, and the happiness of myself and my wife :)

Some of you have probably meet Cindy she has helped with Mountain West Ruby in 2009 and 2011, with Ruby Conf in 2010, Agile Roots in 2010, and more recently she was the videographer at jQuery Conference and Cascadia Ruby.  This week she is doing her first solo conference – Madison Ruby in Madison, WI.  In addition to her videography skills she is also now doing post-production and editing.  Why did Cascadia Ruby come out as quickly as it did? – Cindy Denison!

I have added a second editor doing some piece work for me by the name of Brady Ralston, he completed the post-production work on a private conference that we recorded in mid-July and is now responsible for the stream of jQuery Conference videos you’re seeing come out each day.  With any luck we’ll have all of that conference only by early next week, follow @confreaks on twitter for announcements, visit us on Facebook, or look us up on Google Plus.

So with all these extra hands what am I doing?

As I write this I’m in the middle of finishing up the Rails Panel from Rails Conf 2012 then I have to double check and make sure nothing was missed.

I have also been spending some time with the ailing code base that runs  In recent weeks I’ve added automation to push a finished video from our FTP server (where the editors push them to when they are complete) to ZenCoder to generate the multiple size options that are available to download, and to YouTube, the primary source for our streaming videos now.  In the coming weeks I’ll be finishing the automation to announce video releases to Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.  Once that’s done I’m going to get to the request that many have been asking for over the last two years – an RSS Feed!

Between now and the end of the year we will be recording:

  • Madison Ruby Conference in Madison, WI – Starting Friday :)
  • GoGaRuCo in San Francisco, CA
  • Aloha Ruby Conf in Hawaii
  • Ruby Conf XII in Denver, CO
  • Clojure Conj in Raleigh, NC
Also keep an eye out for videos from:
  • Steel City Ruby Conf (we shiped them equipment and they recorded and are post producing their own)
  • Rocky Mountain Ruby (recorded by their local Videographer: Zef Houssney)
That should wrap us up for 2012.  In 2013 we’ll be doing MOAR!  If you are a conference organizer we’ll probably be proactively reaching out to you, with the additional staff and production capacity we’re really going to make 2013 a growth year for the company, and the communities that support us.

I’ve also got a short list of articles I want to write for the blog, as well as a total redesign of the website.

Thanks for all your support over the years!

If you have feed back feel free to post it here on the blog, on the videos on youtube, or just email me