A long overdue update

August 16, 2010

So what’s happening with Confreaks these days?

Honestly a lot has happened. From the previous post you know that Carl and I parted ways at the first part of this, in large part do to his relocating to Oslo, Norway. He put a lot into Confreaks and we had a good partnership for several years, and the company wouldn’t be as big of an asset to the community as it is without his input.

LA Ruby Conf

This year has been interesting in conjunction with JR Fent and we hosted and I recorded LA Ruby Conference in February, most of the videos are up, some bad sound quality, I do not recommend trying to be an organizer of an event and record it simultaneously. Next Year for LA Ruby Conf I’ll have more help.

A bit of history with MWRC

In March I recorded Mountain West Ruby Conference, the videos are live at http://mwrc2010.confreaks.com. Mike Moore once again pushed Confreaks to do more than we did the year before. In 2007 we recorded MWRC with manual cameras and a software based slide capture solution, it was our first conference and a real chore. In 2008 we had upgraded to the remote control pan-tilt-zoom cameras that you have seen at numerous conferences since then. Our videos in 2007 and 2008 were a double wide format, the streaming version was 640 by 240, and the high resolution was 960 by 360. These effectively had a ratio of 8:3. In 2009 Mike wanted to know if we could do high-resolution slides, we had already been researching these capabilities, so invested in the gear and started doing high resolution slides. At this time we switched to a 640 by 360 format with the slides on one side and the speaker in a much smaller position to the side. We had high resolution slides and Standard Definition (SD) video. In early 2010 as I begin discussions with Mike for MWRC 2010, he let me know he wanted High Definition (HD) video and something more along the lines of what Digital Playhouse did for JSConf ’09. That is HD video footage that is interleaved with the slides in a more traditional video production format. Make the speaker big when they are most relevant, make the slides big when they need to be. This requires a more traditional post-production video setup than the automated process we had been building for the preceding several years at Confreaks. However I couldn’t argue with the quality of the viewing experience so, I switched to HD camera for capturing and did the traditional non-linear editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. The results can be seen on the link above.

Agile Roots 2010

In June I recorded the Agile Roots 2010 conference, the first video just went up at http://agileroots2010.confreaks.com. The rest of the videos will be coming shortly.

Emerging Languages Camp

In July I volunteered and recorded the Emerging Languages Camp at OSCON 2010. Once Agile Roots is completed the Emerging Languages camp videos will start coming online.

More to come on future work in another post…