Monday Night Update #4 (err… ok yes I know it’s Wednesday)

September 30, 2010

Wednesday Night Update It’s early Thursday morning.  I took vacation last Thursday through Tuesday this week so have not made any progress on the video production front until tonight. Production Updates Videos Released: 2 Emerging Languages Camp – Adam Chlipala – Ur Lone Star Ruby Conference – Bernerd Chafer – Taking Mongoid into the Future […]

Monday Night Update #3

September 20, 2010

Monday Night Update Ah here I am again… It’s Monday night (well actually Tuesday morning, but I’m back dating this post a few hours).  This past week was busy with my boss and his boss in from out of town (at my day job AT&T / AT&T Interactive), then I headed to San Francisco Thursday […]

Monday Night Update #2

September 13, 2010

Monday Night Update It’s Monday night, and I spent the majority of this weekend in Salt Lake City, UT.  I attended and recorded the Ruby|Web Conference at the Snowbird Ski Resort.  Saturday I had the opportunity to record a live music event it was ad-hoc but the one video I have finished from it came […]

Monday Night Update #1

September 6, 2010

Monday Night Update It’s Monday night, I’ve spent a lot of time over the Labor day weekend cleaning up code, editing videos, playing system administrator, PR person, and doing a few other odds and ends, including a trip to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.  All in all a good weekend. But I don’t think that’s what […]

Announcing the new Confreaks web-site

September 5, 2010

New Site! Ok I made the switch is now re-directing to, and everything is working.  Knock on wood. So what changed? was a radiant app running on  The new site is a Rails site (currently 2.3.8) running behind Apache/Passenger on a DreamHost private server. The blog was moved from radiant to […]