Monday Night Update #1

September 6, 2010

Monday Night Update

It’s Monday night, I’ve spent a lot of time over the Labor day weekend cleaning up code, editing videos, playing system administrator, PR person, and doing a few other odds and ends, including a trip to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.  All in all a good weekend.

But I don’t think that’s what you’re really interested in.

Production Updates

Videos Released: 10 (6 – #agileroots 2010, 4 – #elcamp2010)

Videos rendering/uploading: 7 (3 – #agileroots2010, 2 – #elcamp2010, 2- #lsrc2010)

Follow @confreaks on twitter for updates as to when the videos are available.

Maintenance Updates

Sorry no headway on the RSS feeds, I suspect it will be Thursday at Ruby|Web Conf before I’m able to focus and get those knocked back into shape.

What’s Next?

Wednesday evening I’ll be heading back to Salt Lake City, my home prior to relocating to SoCal, for a trip to Snowbird to attend Ruby|Web Conf.

I’m going to be working in conjunction with Mike Moore (conference organizer) to make sure that the goodness that is enjoyed this Thursday and Friday will be available, although diluted to those of you unable to join us in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

It’s a fairly busy month so stay tuned for another update next Monday!


I have a couple questions/requests, and since I have yet to implement feedback, or comments on the video site, I’m going to ask for it here on the blog.

1 – Do you like the idea of *rought cuts* for early release, and in some case maybe the only release for a video?

2 – Any usefulness in the MP3/Audio only format?

3 – Does anyone actually use the 1920×1080 format?

4 – Please note all Videos currently have a rating of “Not Rated”, the idea of rating is to provide an indicator for you the listener to know if there is any content that you may not want your co-works, parents, children to hear as they pass by.  There’ll be a feature implemented to support this if there is demand.  In the mean time, send me the URL or conference name and title, and what you think the content should be flagged as to  My criteria currently are: Everyone, Language, Strong Language.  So far I think those should about cover it, let me know if you think otherwise.

5 – If you have other ideas or suggestions please let me know.