Monday Night Update #2

September 13, 2010

Monday Night Update

It’s Monday night, and I spent the majority of this weekend in Salt Lake City, UT.  I attended and recorded the Ruby|Web Conference at the Snowbird Ski Resort.  Saturday I had the opportunity to record a live music event it was ad-hoc but the one video I have finished from it came out nice.  Nothing to do with the normal fare here at Confreaks, LLC but my daughter had a solo part so I was compelled to make sure it got recorded.  The concert was put on by “Live For Music” in conjunction with Layton High School.

What you care about…

After returning from SLC I got most of the video content organized for Ruby|Web Conf and I’ll be sending a copy off to Mike Moore who is the organizer of that event, he’s going to be helping with the post production efforts.  I’ll be working on videos more on Wednesday night (Tuesday is blocked with ATTi related work), and then Thursday night I’ll be traveling to San Francisco where we’re working with the GoGaRuCo organizers to record their conference.  Similar to Ruby|Web Conf we’ll be utilizing some 3rd party resources to do the post production work.

My goal is to have all of the videos up from all the events that have been recorded in the last 3 months completed and online by the end of October.

Production Updates

Videos Released: 7 (3 – #agileroots2010, 2 – #elcamp2010, 2- #lsrc2010)

Videos rendering/uploading: 0

Follow @confreaks on twitter for updates as to when the videos are available.

Maintenance Updates

Made some headway on the RSS feed issue, but nothing I am ready to commit, hope to finish this up during hacking at GoGaRuCo this weekend.

Site Improvements

Last week was sort of bumpy, but is now being redirected to, and I’m moving past conferences over to the night site as time permits.  How do you know if the content is on the new site?  Look at the URL, if you’re on a{conference short code} then its the new site, if the URL is {conference short code} then it is still a static site.

Once the RSS feed is done, I’ll be hack/coding on getting commenting up on the videos.

What’s Next?

Tuesday I’m blocked wit day job work.

Wednesday I’m aiming to get 3-4 videos done, 1 agile roots, and a couple from Emerging Langauges/Lone Star Ruby Conference.

Thursday travel to San Francisco so we can get GoGaRuco recorded.

Friday – Saturday -> GoGaRuCo and hacking the RSS feed functionality back into existance.

Sunday -> breather and get some more videos into the render queue.

Thanks for your patience, as always follow @confreaks for the video arrival announcements.

Also I have no more recording commitments for a while so videos should start flowing again next week.