Monday Night Update #3

September 20, 2010

Monday Night Update

Ah here I am again… It’s Monday night (well actually Tuesday morning, but I’m back dating this post a few hours).  This past week was busy with my boss and his boss in from out of town (at my day job AT&T / AT&T Interactive), then I headed to San Francisco Thursday to record GoGaRuCo.

It was really disappointing (no not the conference – the conference was great!), but I had a failure on the capture device used to get the high-definition slides… It was frustrating I had used it without fail the previous weekend at Ruby|Web Conf in Snowbird.  After some running around with the assistance of @purp aka Jim Meyer, I was reduced to picking up another HD Video camera and tripod so I could am it at the screen, this worked out reasonably well.  I’ll be shipping the footage from GoGaRuCo off to their post production guy on Tuesday (just don’t have the bandwidth right now to do it myself), and a copy of the Ruby|Web footage will be going out to @blowmage aka Mike Moore tomorrow for his assistance in getting that conference online.

If you are going to be at Ruby Conference in November and are willing to man a camera for a couple of hours please send me an email, I’ll have two HD cameras in each room, and have myself and three assistants scheduled to be at the event.  This allows one manned camera per room and a runner to help facilitate things.  The second camera is set at a wide shot as a backup.  However if I can get some folks to help out then we’ll man both cameras which allows for audience shots during Q&A as well as better b-roll footage of the primary presenter.

Production Updates

Videos Released: 1

Videos rendering/uploading: 2

  • Emerging Languages Camp – Adam Chlipala – Ur
  • Lone Star Ruby Conference – Bernerd Chafer – Taking Mongoid into the Future

Follow @confreaks on twitter for updates as to when the videos are available.

Maintenance Updates

Made some headway on the RSS Feeds, but not enough to ship…

Added the number of views (or times a video has been viewed) to the Events listing page, Search Results Page, and the Video detail page itself.

Had a site outage earlier today for about 12 hours, Dreamhost had a network issue and my traffic was going to the wrong server.

What’s Next?

Cranking out the rest of the videos from Agile Roots, Emerging Languages, Lone Star Ruby Conference, and Ruby|Web Conf.  No more recording sessions until November for the International Ruby Conference.  I also have at least one LA Ruby Meetup I need to get posted as well.  I am taking a mental health weekend at the end of the week to spend some time with my wife and visit family on the Oregon Coast, but will get more videos out before then.

I’m also going to start on the post about my recording equipment and process hope to get that out in the next couple of weeks.

Also if you are a conference organizer, I’m starting to book the ruby conferences for 2011, if you’ve looked at Confreaks before and decided you couldn’t afford it, please look again.  I’m looking at a number of creative ways to help make sure we get as much content as possible preserved and posted around Open Source.