Monday Night Update #5

October 5, 2010

Monday Night Update

So this past week I’ve spent a bit of time on video production with the following results:

Production Updates

Videos Released: 6 – New / 2 – Updated

  • Agile Roots – Alex Pukinskis – The Product Owner’s Guide to Saying No
  • Agile Roots – Luke Hohmann – Innovation Games: Software Powered Innovation Through Collaborative Play
  • Agile Roots – Kealy Opelt & Ted Layer – What we learned in 8829 Hours of Pair Programming
  • Agile Roots – Arlo Belshee – Test Driven Design Coupling Loosely
  • Agile Roots – Alistair Cockburn – The New Methodology isn’t a Methodology
  • Agile Roots – Zhon Johansen & Richard Thomson – You Can Test Anything
  • Emerging Languages Camp – Phil Mercurio – Thryd (Updated with Slides thanks to Phil!)
  • RubyWeb Conference – Alistair Cockburn – The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Samurai and How it Applies to Rubyists (Updated – Corrected the title)

Follow @confreaks on twitter for updates as to when the videos are available.

Maintenance Updates

RSS Feeds… Still pending, sorry it’s a lower priority than getting the videos out right now.  Although if anyone is interested I’d consider adding a collaborator on the code base, contact me at if you are.

No notable changes to the site.

What’s Next?

Continuing to work on the post production for Agile RootsEmerging LanguagesLone Star Ruby Conference, and Ruby|Web Conf.