Monday Night Update #7

October 19, 2010

Monday Night Update

This past week was a bit hectic, it was my second to the last week on the job at AT&T Interactive.   I’m moving to Bend, Oregon and taking the VP of Engineering position with G5 Search Marketing, it’s a ruby shop, see my personal blog post for more info.

Putting our life into boxes and getting gear configured and set aside for RubyConf in November has also taken time out this past week.

Production Updates

Videos Released: 0 – New Videos

Videos Rendering now: 2

  • Agile Roots – Dr. George Fairbanks – Expressing Design in Code: Architecturally-Evident Coding Patterns
  • Agile Roots – Mike Moore – Writing for Humans: Designing better software by keeping humanity in mind

The two videos above were done in the same room.  All of the presentations that afternoon were recorded into one huge (90+ GB) file.  This made the rendering and editing process some what cumbersome with a lot of preprocessing to split the massive file into individual presentations, and because of its size this was not as straight forward as it should have been.  After several days of experimenting and processing I finally got this done, the final version of these two videos are rendering now.  Due to the fact that I had to monkey with the slides so much and ended up using a different codec for the slides than I normally do these videos take about 4 hours to each to render out.

Follow @confreaks on twitter for updates as to when the videos are available.

Maintenance Updates

I spent Tuesday night last week at the Nerd Club Los Angeles and did some work on the RSS feed, progress… but no deliverable.

What’s Next?

Continuing to work on the post production for Agile Roots only 4 more videos to go.  Then I’ll be focusing on Emerging Languages and Lone Star Ruby Conference.  Mike Moore is starting in on the post-production for the Ruby|Web Conf, and Chris Odell is working on the GoGaRuCo videos.