Monday Night Update #8

October 26, 2010

Monday Night Update

Another crazy week, I finished up work at ATTi, and had a weekend full of packing boxes, and preparing all my belongings for transport.

I finally got the 3rd BlackMagic-Deisng Intensity Pro (HDMI Capture Card) in and have configured the last workstation in preparations for RubyConf X.  I booked my flight today, booked hotel rooms for myself and all the folks who will be helping run the cameras.  My staff this year includes (alpha by twitter handle):

  • Mark Turner – @amerine – G5 Search Marketing
  • Mike Moore – @blowmage – AT&T Interactive
  • Cindy Randquist – @cinner – Confreaks
  • Josh Kleinpeter – @j05h – AT&T Interactive
  • Myself – @kobier – Confreaks / G5 Search Marketing
  • Tim Lindquist – @tim_lindquist – G5 Search Marketing

I’ll be shipping gear out a little early, since the movers are picking up all my other belongs on 10/28 and I’m headed to Oregon starting 10/29.  It would be a waste of resources to take the RubyConf gear north to Oregon only to turn around and ship to New Orleans, so it’s going out on Wednesday as well.

Production Updates

Videos Released: 6 – New Videos

  • Agile Roots – Dr. George Fairbanks – Expressing Design in Code: Architecturally-Evident Coding Patterns
  • Agile Roots – Mike Moore – Writing for Humans: Designing better software by keeping humanity in mind
  • Agile Roots – Travis Lafeur – Agile Development with Interns
  • Lone Star Ruby Conf 2009 – RHouse – Fernand Galiana
  • Lone Star Ruby Conf 2009 – Checking Under the Hood a Guide to Rails Enginers – Mike Perham
  • Lone Star Ruby Conf 2009 – Dataflow – Larry Diehl

Videos Rendering now: 4

  • Agile Roots – A Fresh Approach to Certification – Alistair Cockburn and Ahmed Sidky
  • Lone Star Ruby Conf 2009 – How to Play Nice – Jeremy Hinegardner
  • Lone Star Ruby Conf 2009 – So Who Wants to be a Munger? –  Dana
  • Lone Star Ruby Conf 2009 – Sequel – Jeremy Evans

Follow @confreaks on twitter for updates as to when the videos are available.

Maintenance Updates

Alright, with the move in process, and my Mac Book Pro turned back into ATTI, and my new Mac Book Pro hanging out in Oregon, I’m forced to use my Dell Studio 14z for a dev machine, at the moment it is running Windows 7, chances are I won’t get it setup as a full dev machine, before hooking up with my new MBP 13″ next Monday.  So RSS feeds linger further.  I suspect I’ll get them knocked out for real during RubyConf, the LA Nerd Club last week was a great start.

What’s Next?

Continuing to work on the post production for Agile Roots only 2 more videos to go.  Due to some email requests I sort of dug into the archive and dusted of LSRC 2009 and have been knocking those videos out today (it’s amazing how much easier/faster SD is to edit than HD).  It really is time to upgrade my render box to a 6 or 12 core setup.

Then I’ll be focusing on Emerging Languages and Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010.  I have been coordinating issues in regards to RubyConf X with Mike Moore, but haven’t checked in with him to see how RubyWeb|Conf videos are coming along.  My last conversation with Chris Odell had him waiting on a response from the GoGaRuCo organizers on this graphics and initial cut of one of the videos.

Ok, well that’s it for tonight, hopefully without a job to get in the way this week (except packing and moving), I should get a lot done on the video production front.