Monday Night Update #10

November 16, 2010

Checking in from my video editing station tonight. I’ve just finished up editing Dave Thomas’ Keynote from RubyConf X.  It is rendering now, then I have to get sign off from Ruby Central on the treatment of the sponsors and the overall look and fill.  The preview video is rendering as I type, hopefully I’ll […]

RubyConf X

November 13, 2010

RubyConf X was awesome, this is a just a quick post, video production will start Monday night after I return home to Bend, Oregon. Sorry to my regular readers about missing this past Monday Nights update.  I’ll have on for you on the 15th. More soon – off to enjoy New Orleans for the last […]

Monday Night Update #9

November 3, 2010

Monday Night Update (Due to a turn of events it is Wednesday Night) I’m writing this from “The Old Cigar” conference room at G5 Search Marketing, during the weekly COWPU (Central Oregon Web Professionals Users group) meetup.  We arrived here in Bend on Sunday and I’ve set up my rendering machine and am back on […]