Monday Night Update #9

November 3, 2010

Monday Night Update (Due to a turn of events it is Wednesday Night)

I’m writing this from “The Old Cigar” conference room at G5 Search Marketing, during the weekly COWPU (Central Oregon Web Professionals Users group) meetup.  We arrived here in Bend on Sunday and I’ve set up my rendering machine and am back on videos, after a few days off for traveling.  Our furniture etc… isn’t scheduled to be here until the 5th, so it has been hotel life for this week.

Production Updates

Videos Released: 11 – New Videos

Follow @confreaks on twitter for updates as to when the videos are available.

Maintenance Updates

Alright, with the move in process, and my Mac Book Pro turned back into ATTI, and my new Mac Book Pro hanging out in Oregon, I’m forced to use my Dell Studio 14z for a dev machine, at the moment it is running Windows 7, chances are I won’t get it setup as a full dev machine, before hooking up with my new MBP 13″ next Monday.  So RSS feeds linger further.  I suspect I’ll get them knocked out for real during RubyConf, the LA Nerd Club last week was a great start.

What’s Next?

AgileRoots 2010 has been completed.

The moving truck is showing up on Friday and once we get unloaded I’ll be focusing on Emerging Languages and Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010.