Monday Night Update #13

December 14, 2010

Monday Night Update The past two weeks have been hectic, yet productive.  Production on the RubyConf X videos is moving along.  Here are the releases for the past two weeks: Production Updates Videos Released: 7 – New Videos RubyConf X – AppEngine and Dubius and New Google API’s Oh My! RubyConf X – RubyGems to All […]

Zombies in my workplace!

December 5, 2010

The video below gives a shout out to @confreaks, and I agree entirely with the content of the presentation so I wanted to share it with you. I derive too much of my personal satisfaction from what I do for a living to work with people who are not passionate about what they do. The […]

What happened yesterday…

December 2, 2010

Yesterday we posted the video of DHH’s Keynote presentation from Ruby Conf X. David promptly wrote his own tweet in his voice and notified all his followers of its availability, and then they started retweeting. This caused a huge rush of users to try and watch the streaming video and/or download the various sized MP4 […]

Monday Night Update #12

December 1, 2010

Ok, missed a week on updates.  Between Thanksgiving, and some family travel. If you’ve been following @confreaks on twitter then you saw that I released the first two videos for RubyConf 2010 last week.  Specifically Dave Thomas’s Keynote and Matz’s Keynote. Had DHH’s finished up Sunday night, started the rendering process and burned out a […]