RailsConf 2012! and Queue Status

April 26, 2012

#railsconf 2012

First off I want to thank Ruby Central for the incredible opportunity to record all of the sessions held at Rails Conf 2012!  We were delighted to be choosen to make the contents of the conference available to the community at large!

A big thank you goes out to:

  • Chad Fowler
  • Rich Kilmer
  • David A. Black
  • Evan Phoenix
  • Ben Scofield
  • Prakash Murthy
  • Leah Sibler

And to my staff who helped make the recording of the five tracks possible, they were:

  • Cindy Denison
  • Amberdawn Howe
  • Travis Harris
  • Wendy Randquist
  • Catherine Randquist
  • Joey Sisk

Without their diligence and perseverance throughout the conference, we would not have the quality video, audio, and slide feeds available to do the required post production work!

 Pending Queue

  • Madison Ruby Conference 2011 – being edited by Joshua Elliot of Dogcrick Productions over the next couple weeks
  • Mountain West Ruby Conference 2011 – editing has been completed by Mustache Power Productions and should post soon
  • Los Angeles Ruby Conference 2012 – editing has been completed this past week by Joshua Elliot of Dogcrick Productions and all videos are on line.
  • Ruby on Ales 2012 (March 1-2) – editing will begin next week with work being done by Graphite Bull Productions
  • Mountain West Ruby Conference 2012 (March 16-17) – editing is being completed by Tyler Randquist of Confreaks and videos will be posted during May
  • RailsConf 2012 (April 23-25) – editing will begin this weekend by Coby Randquist of Confreaks (me – @kobier) and I’ll be joined by my other editors as needed to get all of Rails Conf sessions up by the end of May (this may cause some delays with the other events in the queue)

Upcoming Events

We will be recording and live streaming Farmhouse Conf 2 in Los Angeles, California on Saturday May 5th.

We will be recording the following events during June:

Other News

We will be migrating our streaming player over to the Youtube player for new video releases and gradually migrating our past conferences to it as time permits.  This will give us better analytics on our views generated from streaming video.  The full MP4’s and MP3’s will continue to be available.

Thank you so much for your patronage as Confreaks continues on in it’s 5th year of operation!