– this site may be compromised

November 3, 2012

So I have received a lot of tweets and emails about this particular topic.

When you search for confreaks on it returns the listing below.

WTF? – people say…

In the first few years of operations we used to publish static web-sites for each conference that we recorded.  In 2010 I created a rails based application to start hosting dynamic content instead of static pages that were previously generated by ruby code.    Those static sites were hosted on Dreamhost and are very basic, and once launched haven’t really received a second thought, until I started getting these messages.  It turns out someone somewhere had hacked into our hosting of these static sites and implanted there own content, often in a folder under lib or under images they’d add a PHP based application that served content for gucci hand bags and other presumably counterfeit items.  I have since gone through all of these static sites and removed the content, and am in the process of moving all of the videos from the static site to our more controlled and curated dynamic application.  Once this is done those sites will be simple redirects.

I’m working through the google instructions and webmaster tools now in an effort to get the warning removed.

Thanks for your patience and your notifications.