New logo is the start of many new changes…

September 6, 2014

It has been entirely too long since I posted anything at all on the Confreaks blog.

As you’ve noticed we’ve changed our logo and icon from the previous “mic” to our new “talking head”.


our previous “mic” icon

Although this mic has served us well, it has been in use since we started Confreaks in 2007 and it is time for a change.


the new “talking head” icon

Our new “talking head” icon gives us a lot more options for communicating the Confreaks brand, we’ll be rolling some stickers for the first time at Ruby Conf 2014 in San Diego, and may even have a few t-shirts around, if you’re willing to tell the world (view a video of course) how Confreaks has impacted your life as a developer.

I’ll update the header of the blog as soon as I dig back into my wordpress template and recall how exactly to make that happen!

As for other changes we’ll be doing our first recording with a new 4K camera in the near future, don’t expect to seeĀ  us releasing 4k video just yet, we need to figure out our revised workflow and decide how best to utilize this new capability, but look forward to some changes and/or additional options in 2014.

Another feature we’ve started to provide is a photo story – see for our first one, let’s know what you think.

Thanks again for your many views, compliments, and input over the years!