New website and the launch of

February 9, 2015

I am happy to announce we have launched two new websites.

Historically has been the website where videos produced by Confreaks, LLC were posted.  In 2012 we started aggregating videos from other conferences that were not recorded and produced by Confreaks, LLC.  As our business has grown we realized that there are actually two distinct properties behind

In recognition of these two properties we have now separated them.  All the videos that we produce and are released to the public, plus other conference videos are aggregated and can now be viewed at Confreaks.TV. becomes a business and marketing site for Confreaks, LLC to inform and educate potential clients about what Confreaks, LLC provides.

Now what about seven years worth of links?  We have spent a lot of time building our redirect system so that the links that we have published and have been indexed will deliver an appropriate permanent redirect.  If you find failures, please tweet or email us with the original URL and we’ll add it to our exceptions processing.

Confreaks.TV adds some new basic features:

  • Provide a list of videos you’ve visited (soon we’ll add details as to whether you watched them, or watched part of them)
  • You can favorite videos (and soon share your favorites list)
  • You can tag videos to help others find them more easily.
  • Improved search functionality.

We look forward to your feedback on the launch of our two new sites!