RailsConf 2012! and Queue Status

April 26, 2012

#railsconf 2012 First off I want to thank Ruby Central for the incredible opportunity to record all of the sessions held at Rails Conf 2012!  We were delighted to be choosen to make the contents of the conference available to the community at large! A big thank you goes out to: Chad Fowler Rich Kilmer […]

Recent Conferences

March 25, 2011

Been busy recording conferences. February 5, 2011 – Los Angeles Ruby Conference in San Pedro, CA March 17-18, 2011 – Mountain West Ruby Conference in Salt Lake City, UT March 24-25, 2011 – Ruby on Ales in Bend, OR Post production for all three of these events are being handled by 3rd parties.  We will […]

Monday Night Update #15

February 15, 2011

Monday Night Update Since the last blog post I have hosted the third annual Los Angeles Ruby Conference and finished the following videos.  LA Ruby Conf videos will start coming out shortly after the last SEVEN RubyConf X videos are completed! Production Updates Videos Released: 21 – New Videos RubyConf X – Faye: an Event […]

RubyConf X Video Update

January 15, 2011

In my last post a month ago, I highlighted seven videos I had released and nine more that were on their way out.  All those have been available for the past couple of weeks. 2011 started off with a big rushed round of finalizing the new year planning and getting goals and objectives locked down […]

Monday Night Update #4 (err… ok yes I know it’s Wednesday)

September 30, 2010

Wednesday Night Update It’s early Thursday morning.  I took vacation last Thursday through Tuesday this week so have not made any progress on the video production front until tonight. Production Updates Videos Released: 2 Emerging Languages Camp – Adam Chlipala – Ur Lone Star Ruby Conference – Bernerd Chafer – Taking Mongoid into the Future […]