Monday Night Update #8

October 26, 2010

Monday Night Update Another crazy week, I finished up work at ATTi, and had a weekend full of packing boxes, and preparing all my belongings for transport. I finally got the 3rd BlackMagic-Deisng Intensity Pro (HDMI Capture Card) in and have configured the last workstation in preparations for RubyConf X.  I booked my flight today, […]

Monday Night Update #7

October 19, 2010

Monday Night Update This past week was a bit hectic, it was my second to the last week on the job at AT&T Interactive.   I’m moving to Bend, Oregon and taking the VP of Engineering position with G5 Search Marketing, it’s a ruby shop, see my personal blog post for more info. Putting our life […]

Monday Night Update #1

September 6, 2010

Monday Night Update It’s Monday night, I’ve spent a lot of time over the Labor day weekend cleaning up code, editing videos, playing system administrator, PR person, and doing a few other odds and ends, including a trip to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.  All in all a good weekend. But I don’t think that’s what […]